Promoting Clean Energy

We typically think of buildings as just consumers of energy. New technologies that heat and cool buildings, paired with onsite energy generation and storage, are transforming the system such that buildings are becoming energy assets.

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Resources for Green Homes and Buildings

Shifting towards clean energy in our homes, offices, and community helps make Milpitas more resilient. 

Save money and reduce your emissions with eHub, SVCE’s one-stop-shop for transitioning to electric living!
Single family residents can save energy, increase the comfort and safety of their home, and save money with the BayREN Home+ Program.
Planning new construction or remodeling your home? Consider building green!
Considering solar for your home or business? The City has made applications for solar permits simple and quick!

Traveling Sustainably

With cars clogging up our roads and pumping out emissions, expanding sustainable transportation options is a top priority for Milpitas. Ensuring everyone has access to bus and train routes, car-sharing systems, and bike lanes are some ways to do this! 

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Mobility Choices are Multiplying

Take a small step today to reduce your transportation footprint!

Electric vehicle incentives
Sign up to carpool regionally
Find a new bike path!
EV charging stations
Suggested routes to school
Visit great local businesses
Explore the City's New Bike & Trails Plans

Conserving Natural Resources

Milpitas is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of natural resources, which help protect the public health of our community.

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Sustainable Water Management

Here are some ways to manage water sustainably!

Learn more about water saving tips and rebates
Find your closest water bottle refill fountain!
Learn how to turn your yard into a sustainable landscape with online classes
close up of a shower head spraying water

Reducing Waste

Did you know that Milpitas is leading the way with its unique food scraps program? Reducing what you use and what is landfilled reduces carbon emissions. 

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Get Involved

Sending different types of waste to the right place helps us meet our waste reduction targets as well as lower costs for Sanitation services.

Learn how to sort your waste properly to minimize what’s landfilled
Learn where specific materials can be recycled
Learn how to compost at home!

Preparing for Climate Change

By the end of the century, we could experience between 50 and 100 days of extreme heat per year. How will that affect you?

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Resources for Preparedness

Sudden weather events can strike quickly! Be sure that you and your family are prepared to take action.

Hot weather safety tips
Cold weather safety tips
Sign up for Public Safety Power Shutoff notifications from PG&E
Be flood ready! Make an emergency plan, know your flood risk, insure your property from flood hazards, and download disaster and emergency apps.
Create a family disaster preparedness plan with ReadySCC, a free mobile app.
Sign up for Alert SCC, Santa Clara County’s official emergency alert and notification system.
Learn more about our Community Emergency Response Team