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Stay connected with the City and this planning process; your feedback is critical to our success!

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The Energy and Environmental Sustainability Commission serves as an active advisory group to the City Council on a variety of topics, including the development of the Climate Action Plan.

The Commission is always interested to hear from members of the public on sustainability issues. Open meetings occur the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except July, at 6:00 PM in the Committee Conference Room in City Hall, or a designated location.

Learn more about sustainability news around the City and upcoming opportunities to engage and share your thoughts on climate action in Milpitas by signing up for the newsletter below.

Engage and Connect

Workshop Materials

The CAP development will have workshops centered around mitigation and adaptation. Materials for those workshops are posted below:

May 6th Mitigation Slide Deck

Adaptation Workshop Planning for late June

Engage and Connect

Plan Timeline

See below to understand how we'll use community engagement, stakeholder feedback, and ongoing research to complete our Climate Action Plan Update.

Community workshops and meetings will be throughout the year to gather feedback and ideas for how Milpitas can continue to accelerate climate action locally. Stay tuned for more meeting announcements and check News and Events tab of the site for any upcoming events. 

Parallel Planning Projects

Planning for Our Future

While sustainability and climate action planning touch many aspects of life in Milpitas, there are other plans being developed now that will advance many of the goals of the Milpitas Climate Action Plan.

Explore these other plans below, and make sure your voice is heard as Milpitas charts its course for the future!

Parallel Planning Projects

General Plan Update

The General Plan is a long-range planning document that is considered the City’s “constitution” or blueprint, because it guides growth, traffic patterns, housing, and resource conservation. The website linked below provides the latest information on the General Plan Update process. 

Connect to the General Plan here

Parallel Planning Projects

Milpitas Parks and Recreation Master Plan

A Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a strategic document that studies the existing park system, as well as facilities and recreation programming. It also identifies a planning blueprint to improve, protect, and expand the City's network of parks, facilities, and recreational services for the future.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will provide both a long-term vision for the City's park system, and specific policies and standards to direct day-to-day decisions. It will set forth a framework that will allow the City to respond to new opportunities as they arise, and to ensure that adequate parks, facilities, and recreation programs meet the needs of the City's future residents, employees, and visitors.

Connect to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan here

Parallel Planning Projects

Bikeway & Pedestrian Master Plan and Trails Master Plan

In March 2020, the City started to update the Bikeway & Pedestrian Master Plan and Trails Master Plan.

The City wants to hear from you about what will make Milpitas a better place for pedestrians and cyclists. Make your suggestions on the interactive map to help us plan the future of climate friendly mobility in Milpitas!

Connect to the Bikeway & Pedestrian Master Plan and Trails Master Plan here

Parallel Planning Projects

Milpitas Metro Specific Plan

The City is now working to update the vision for the neighborhood surrounding the new BART Station to reflect current realities and needs. The plan will be called the Milpitas Metro Plan. It will shape the continued the transformation of this area from industrial and auto-oriented to a vibrant, transit-oriented community that includes housing, retail, entertainment, commercial and park spaces, and a safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle network.

Connect to the Milpitas Metro Specific Plan here